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General Information

Great question! We get this a lot. And sometimes folks are afraid of the answer. But let us reassure you – our entire team takes a lot of care when sourcing products. We source from around the globe and aim to get you the best, freshest crop for the best value. Sometimes parts of Asia have the best weather for crops and some years California does. Regardless, every single sourced nut is measured for quality and freshness.

Our ORGANIC products are all certified organic by Quality Assurance International and meet the USDA and Canadian standards.

All of our snacks in our ORGANIC category are non-GMO. Any product with Organic Certification must be non-GMO to meet organic standards.

We hear you and don’t worry – we are working on it! Our bags are not currently recyclable, however, our tubs ARE! In the meantime, if you are interested in reducing your waste footprint, we offer our products in bulk at multiple retailers!

All of our products have a may contain nuts statement as our facility is definitely not nut-free.

You will be happy to know that all of our raw nuts are not chemically treated with propylene oxide (PPO). We steam pasteurize our nuts and wouldn’t have it any other way!

That is a great question that we love to answer! We use centuries-old Middle Eastern small batch roasting techniques that results in a more intense flavour and crunch.

Our CRAVE products are all Fair Trade Certified™. We chose this certification because we believe in social, environmental and economic rights and standards. To learn more about Fair Trade Certification, and what this means for our products, click here.

Our ROASTED products are all Kosher Certified. To learn more about Kosher certification and about our certifying body, click here.